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Stokke® Care™ Changing Station


Stokke Care Changing Station

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Stokke® Care™

From changing table to desk. ™

Stokke ® Care™ is a changing table that makes nappy changes enjoyable and intimate. The changing table raises your baby higher, encouraging eye-contact. Space underneath provides room for your feet, allowing you to stand closer for better reach. Best of all, Stokke ® Care™ has been designed so that your baby can lie facing you rathethan sideways. This allows you to face your baby for play and interaction while making nappy changes far easier.


  • Wood varnish and stain
  • Dust as normal. Remove stains with a damp cloth without detergents. If the dirt remains, use a mild, natural detergent.
  • The use of concentrated synthetic detergents is not recommended.


Wipe off with a moist cloth and a mild detergent. The mattress can be soaked in water or washed in a machine, but note that the foam will absorb a large amount of water and take time to dry.

Weight 27,14 kg
Dimensions 79 x 115 x 24 cm

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