STOKKE continues to set the trend for premier baby products across the globe. Their history of innovation dates back to 2004. From the versatility of their adjustable eating solutions to high, parent-facing strollers, parents trust STOKKE to keep their babies comfortable during crucial stages of their development. This company has been challenging design and innovation since its inception.

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Their uncompromising focus on designing and delivering premium products for babies and children continues to set them apart from competitors. They make every effort to use sustainable materials in their products, with a firm belief that caring for our babies includes caring for our planet. STOKKE shares parents’ sentiment that their babies deserve only the very best, which is why we are proud to be the home of STOKKE in South Africa.

our bestselling products

The STOKKE Tripp Trapp remains the bestselling children’s chair in the world. To date, it has sold well over 9 million chairs since the 1970s, and it continues to blaze trails in the kids’ furniture industry. Why does it remain so popular? Because the Tripp Trap removes the need for dangling legs and bad posture, helping you bring your child up to the correct level for any table’s height.

Another popular bestseller is the STOKKE Trailz. This two in one baby stroller and child seat is suited for children up to 9 kilograms, and weighs a mere 4.8 kilograms. The child seat can easily be adjusted in three different positions, very convenient if you want to place the child in both the direction of travel or against the direction of travel. Explore our range of STOKKE bestselling children’s furniture.