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BeSafe is a family-owned company with headquarters in a small Norwegian village named Krøderen. We started developing child car seats already in 1963. Today children all over the world travel safely, thanks to Norwegian BeSafe-quality.
At BeSafe, we put children’s safety and comfort at the centre of everything we do. We never compromise when it comes to safety, which is confirmed time and again when large, independent players test car seats for children of all ages and our products are at the top in terms of safety and comfort. In short: your child travels safely in a BeSafe seat.

4 years in 1 seat

A 2-in-1 car seat that gives your child safer travels from birth on and expands to a flexible 360° rotation as your child grows older.

3D Mesh

Up to 8x more airflow with BeSafe’s 3D Mesh fabric*.
Safety is in the BeSafe DNA, and so is comfort. No child should be anything but comfortable in a car seat, no matter if it’s a short or long journey.

The BeSafe Mesh fabric has an open structure and a spacer layer with a 3D structure. That way, heat and moisture are guided away from the child, while air can flow in-between the layers.

Tests and approvals

Independent child car seat tests show again and again that BeSafe seats are among the safest on the market.
BeSafe products often come out on top when tested, and we think that this is fantastic. However, the most important thing for us is not the results of these simplified consumer tests; we ourselves need to know that we are making the safest seats that it is possible to produce. If we can’t do this, we will never be satisfied. We are also even more proud when BeSafe child car seats win such tests in which safety features as a priority.

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