BeSafe® iZi Kid i-Size X3 (Rear Facing)/BLACK CAB


As a purely rear facing child car seat*, The new BeSafe iZi Kid X3 i-Size has passed some of the toughest requirements on the market – the UN r129 (i-Size) and the Swedish Plus Test. The side impact protection SIP in the iZi Kid X3 i-Size has also been upgraded. SIP+ is another of our outstanding safety innovations offering the highest possible protection in the event of a side impact. This additional protection reduces load on the child by up to a further twenty percent. In combination with the integrated head support SIP and an inner shell of energy-absorbing material, this ensures all BeSafe car seats perform at the top of the ratings in a side impact. Accurate seat installation is ensured using the ISOfix connectors.

(*Extensive research and crash tests prove that your child is safest when travelling rear facing for as long as possible, up to a minimum of 4 years of age).


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