Qtus DuetPro Carry Cot


The Qtus DuetPro carry cot is designed to create the best sleeping conditions when going out with your baby(s), and is also suitable for overnight sleeping. The carry cot has soft fabrics and the lining is made of breathable, soft fabric to create an ideal, comfortable sleeping environment. A comfortable flat surface, that is spacious and may be covered with the easy to attach apron. Suitable for children from 0 up to 6 months and 9kg. Equipped with an easy-to-use carrying handle, it is easy to carry because of its low weight. The large canopy protects your baby against too much sun light, wind and other harsh outside influences. The DuetPro Carry cot fits the Qtus DuetPro stroller. This DuetPro stroller can be used with one or two carrycots, using it as a single or double stroller. A rain cover and, or a mosquito net are separately available.

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